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I’m Diana Anderson, and I created the Confident Couples Course to help couples around the world enjoy better relationship, better intimacy, to understand the opposite sex and build a loving union for a happy home. I coached women in the area of intimacy and relationships for twenty years and I coached couples for four years. I put this information into an online format so that you could learn in the privacy of your own home at a fraction of the price of conventional one on one therapy.

Enjoy these free videos for a look at how this course can make your marriage or partnership a happy union.

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to Confident Love, Increasing Your Connection through Communication and Intimacy. I am a couples coach, author, speaker and teacher. I’ve been coaching in the area of intimacy for 20 years. I am passionate about bringing couples together through pleasure and I want to expand women’s lives in all areas by teaching couples how to increase her pleasure. I teach women to be a happier woman whether she spends her time as a mother, wife, business executive, dancer or doctor. I help women learn how to enjoy their lives and their relationships far more by receiving the much needed pleasure that her body craves and the love and connection that her heart desires.

Physical Satisfaction

I give women and couples essential information.

The problem for many couples is similar and revolves around intimacy and communication. Surprisingly many health related issues, and misunderstanding between couples can be remedied by providing her the same level of pleasure that he enjoys during sex and that she is missing out on because the couple doesn’t know how to bring her to a relaxed state of receiving pleasure. This course is information in your hands right now so that you can begin the important process of building trust, love and closeness as a couple. I will tell you how and where to find the specific details to take love and pleasure to a higher level, or as I like to refer to it, “a deeper level” …and when I say deeper, I mean literally deeper.
The problem I help you fix is lack of physical satisfaction. Many people don’t know this, but the stats don’t lie. Women are not being satisfied in the bedroom. If they have an orgasm at all, they are only experiencing small clitoral orgasms and not big, bad full-body, mind-blowing orgasms. Why does this matter? It really makes a difference because it is the glue that binds a couple together. Without her pleasure, the relationship is at risk. Let me help you find the answers in this short video course watched at home. Soon, you will be enjoying a closer bond, more pleasure and life will be easier due to the health and brain benefits of sexual satisfaction.

My Mission

My mission and passion is to help couples achieve deep bonding, lasting connecting and true happiness with connected relationships and meeting each other’s needs. Watch my free videos to get started on a better relationship today!

The ultimate goal is a best friend, who understands you and is there for you your whole life. There is no other way to connect with another human than through sex, great communication, pleasure, and climax!

This informative video series explain the female anatomy, things that doctors and scientist recently discovered about the clitoris and how the female body enjoys arousal and ultimately orgasms. We’ve known for centuries how the brain releases hormone during skin contact and even more bonding hormones through sexual release and from pleasure. Sex and connecting through communication allows the full benefit of these natural ways to unite a couple and keep them together through ups and downs and able to live there very best lives.