Hello and welcome to The Purpose of Pleasure, Increasing your connection through intimacy. For those of you who don’t know me I am a couple coach, author, speaker and teacher. I’ve been coaching in the area of intimacy for 20 years. I am passionate about bringing couples together through pleasure and I want to expand women’s lives in all areas by teaching couples how to increase her pleasure. I will explain how women can be a happier mother, wife, business executive, dancer, doctor or whatever she does because she is getting the much need pleasure that her body craves.  This is information in your hands right now so that you can begin the important process of building trust, love and closeness with your partner. I will tell you how to do that and where to find the specific details to take love and pleasure to a higher level, or as I like to refer to it a deeper level. And when I say deeper, I mean literally deeper. I’ll explain that later.

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So the problem I am going to discuss is lack of satisfaction. You have to trust me for a moment here. Many people don’t know this, but the stats don’t lie and women tell me this constantly. Women are not being satisfied in the bedroom. If they have an orgasm at all, they are only experiencing small clitoral orgasms and not big, bad full-body, mind-blowing orgasms. Why does this matter? Well, I will explain it all to you in just a moment.  Another important fact that you need to trust me on is that women are pleasure creatures. That means they are designed to experience lots of pleasure. How do we know this? Simple. Women have extra sensory nerves for pleasure that men don’t have, and they have lots of additional nerve for pleasure that men don’t have. I will give you some examples. A woman’s clitoral tip has 8,000 nerve endings. The male counterpart, the penis, has 3,000 to 4,000 nerve endings. But it doesn’t stop there. In general, women have more sensitive taste buds, their skin is more sensitive to touch, they have a superior sense of smell, and often they see more colors with greater vibrancy. For the reasons I just listed women may enjoy scented candles, a bouquet of flowers, a massage, foot rub or tickling of their skin and a kiss on the neck. Men might have wondered why these things interest women and now you know. It brings pleasure to their senses, which are more attuned than males.  Recently I was in a hospital room where a woman just had a baby. Flowers were delivered to the room and five women commented on how beautiful the bouquet was, including nurses who frequently see flowers in hospital rooms. The new father commented, “I don’t get what the big deal is. Their just flowers.” He does have the same scenes that the women have, so he doesn’t enjoy the bouquet in the same way. In this case, it didn’t interest him at all. But how does this relate to intimacy you might be wondering. Pleasure is a language to a woman. She interprets her world through her senses and how she is feeling. Yes, yes, she is capable of using logic, but on an innate level, deep down, she is making decisions about the world, her environment and her relationship based on her experience. Subconsciously those decisions are influenced by pleasure and pain. If something feels good, she moves towards it. If something doesn’t feel good, she pulls way, or wants to avoid it. Who wouldn’t want to respond that way, right? So what happens between couples when a woman is not receiving adequate pleasure in bed? What would be her natural response? Without her using logic? She would naturally pull away. If it doesn’t feel good, she will not want more. This is one of the greatest dilemmas facing couples today. We know this from statics gathered from surveys, and I know it from the women who confide in me on a regular basis. Women are not being adequately pleasured. They might get a little pleasure, or enjoy the attention, but as one couple I know put it, “We call it the nightly tickling and harassment hour.”  How long do you think men would keep having sex it they never got pleasure or release? Right. Not very long. But there is another important thing that you should know about women and pleasure. You will hear more about this if you watch more of my videos. A women has an organ dedicated purely to pleasure. That’s is right. She possesses the only organ in the human system that has no other purpose than to experience pleasure. And that organ is the clitoris. That’s right. The male counterpart, the penis, has many functions beyond pleasure. But the clitoris, which is actually a large organ that sit inside a woman’s body has no purpose except to to give her pleasure. Now, ask yourself this question. Why would a woman have an organ in her body that has the sole purpose of her pleasure if she wasn’t intended to have pleasure? That organ is there because she is a pleasure creature by design. Pleasure is a motivator for a woman. She will want to bond with her partner if there is pleasure. During climax oxytocin is released and this causes people to feel the feel of love and connection. Pleasure is THE TRIGGER for OXYTOCIN. Which translated directly into pleasure IS THE TRIGGER for LOVE!!!!

And there is more I will tell you in just a moment. But first I want you to let that sink in. You want to create love, bonding and lasting union? Then create pleasure for her. He is already having pleasure, almost guaranteed. Maybe not often enough, but release is not the issue.  She is not having as much as she needs and deserves, most likely for most women.  

Now, before I tell you the next huge benefit of pleasure to women, let me dispel a myth, a HUGE MYTH. Many, many women think that they can’t have an orgasm because they have never had one. Or they think that they can only have one when the clit is being stimulated directly on the tip. They don’t believe that they can have a vaginal orgasm or that one even exists. Myth! yep Myth! It is soooo not true. 99% of women can have a full body, mind blowing orgasm. Indeed. She just doesn’t know how and her partner doesn’t know what she needs to get there. It is my mission to share this information with the world in a loving, tasteful way that helps couples to bond and enjoys tremendous amounts of pleasure. I guarantee that men always have more pleasure when she is completely satisfied. And he will get more sex more often.  So if you’re a woman and think this information excludes you, or won’t work for you, that is a myth. I am positive so I have a guarantee on all of my courses.

Woman relaxNow let me give you the second greatest reason to give women the pleasure they deserve. A few magical things happens to women when they receive pleasure. One of the most impressive magic tricks was discovered by Barry Komisaruk at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey who tells us that he saw on many brain scans that a full scale orgasm lights up thirty areas of a woman’s brain. Komisaruk claims that is more areas than any other human activity excites. What is significant about it is that this type of stimulation is good for the brain and works like a reset button to help a woman feel balanced and renewed. That is reason enough to have an orgasm; to feel renewed and improve the mood and feeling of well-being. But there is more. Another magic trick was discovered by neurophysiologist David Weeks, M.D., of Scotland’s Royal Edinburgh Hospital. He reports in Secrets of the super Young that regular orgasms take four to seven years off of a woman’s appearance. Another reason that is good enough for all of us. But wait, there is more. Orgasm is good for her hair, skin, nails and circulation, heart and mood. The health benefits go on and on.

But my personal favorite is how orgasm stimulates a woman’s creative abilities, confidence and strengths.  If you are familiar with eastern philosophies then you know about the seven major chakras. The second chakra is called the sacral or the sexual chakra. It is the area where some of the sexual energy lives in the body, but it is also the creative center. When a woman’s sexual energy is alive and thriving from pleasure, arousal, stimulation and release, her creative center is more active and alive as well. Sex awakens the feminine essence, and female powers.

Fashion Shot of a Beautiful Young Woman on the BeachThe feminine essence brings a lot to the table, especially when she is celebrated. I can’t prove this to your left brain, so use your right hemisphere for a moment.  A well-loved, respected and satisfied woman glows, she lights up a room when she walks in. She brings happiness and warmth to her family and friends. She is confident enough to be expressive, pro-active, motivated, healthy and contributing. All women are capable to providing all of these things, all women. But it is so much easier and she has so many more resources available to her when her yearning need for pleasure and satisfaction is granted. Her strengths are magnified because she has energy available from her first and second chakra, which is her energy center that is stirred and ignited during sexual pleasure.  When couples are having great intimacy that satisfies both parties, the relationship can flourish. Most relationships cannot reach the same level of love without it.

So you know that is is important, for so many reasons: love, bonding, oxytocin, energy, health, looking younger, resetting the brain, confidence and creativity. But how do we accomplish this feat of satisfying a woman? Sharing this information is so important to me that if I could summarize how to do that in a short video, I would in a heartbeat. I would put the entire answer in one video and give it all to you at once. Afterall, I am a “get-to-the-point” kind of woman. But the truth is that it’s a bit complicated. There are several factors that need to be in place before the physical act of making love should begin. I am going to share a few of the main points, but armed with just a few tips you won’t be ready to be off to the races just yet. So hold on to your horses.

What a woman needs from her man varies in the different stages of their relationship. I am going to focus on what she needs from a man inside of a loving relationship where the couple has been together for one to 50 years. But this information won’t apply exactly the same if a woman was dating. For example, when a woman first meets a man, she receives his undivided attention which makes her feel beautiful. She may become aroused from the excitement of the attention. However, when she is inside of a long-term relationship, she won’t get aroused quickly by attention if she knows that in bed she won’t be satisfied. She would have to be motivated to go to bed with her partner for reasons other than for pleasure and release, such as obligation, keeping the peace, out or love for her partner, to he held and touched, to feel a sense of connection. She wouldn’t be jumping into bed with her partner from excitement if orgasm was not a likely result. To motivate a woman to want intimacy more often, she has to have a great amount of pleasure and ideally release. That is what I teach couples, the art of giving a woman pleasure. It takes practice. Lots of touch and practice.  Men get all excited thinking about that but trust me, it starts long before she has her clothes off, so hold your horse …again.

The next critical ingredient to a woman’s pleasure is…..drum roll please…..TRUST. Wow, this one is so huge inside of a relationship. If a woman does not completely, one hundred percent trust everything about her man, then she cannot let go into bliss and surrender every ounce of her control over to him. I’m not saying that a woman can’t have a big orgasm with a man she doesn’t trust fully. I am saying that a full release happens when a woman loses control. She releases her inhibitions, her body, her will, her control of herself and what is happening around her. She releases the burdens until nothing is left by pure bliss. Boom! Rest. Wow. Yeah! How could she possibly do that with a man she doesn’t rust completely? She can’t. So I teach trust, and this can’t be learned in a day or a week. It is a process to develop between two people.

I will tell you about one more of the key factors. Of course, it is LOVE. Women open up to pleasure much better when they feel loved. Now the men really think that because they love a woman that she knows it and she feels it, Ha! Oh my Ha Ha. I am laughing because it is such a crazy dichotomy. Yes, men love their women deeply, and she can’t feel it. What kind of comic trick caused this to occur? I don’t know the answer. But it turns out that men have to learn how to let women feel their love. It starts with being completely present, in the moment. Men really think they are present. Of course I am present, “I am not thinking about anything at this moment except how sexy you look.” Well, okay. That is being present with your eyes. She wants present with your heart, she wants you present with how she is feeling. She wants you present with the moment on all levels, not just your lower half of your body. Yes, love is in your heart, but unless you are present with it, expressing it, feeling it, noticing your feelings towards her, then she can’t feel it. And making love is far less appealing when you are feeling the bottom half of your body and she wants you to feel your heart so that she can too. So I teach this to couples. I teach men how to give a hug in a way that she feels your heart.  How to be present so that she sees what is inside of you. Then you will know how to really connect with her. When you are present with how you feel you will naturally express it more often so she will hear it from you. Again, this takes a little practice but I have exercises and “sexercises” to teach you how to grow closer in this way.

Now you know, if you didn’t already, that women are designed for pleasure, but many are being left unsatisfied so their lives are less vibrant and energized and pleasurable than they could be. Consequently their relationships are less exciting and powerfully connected.  I teach couples how to pleasure her, step by step. How to develop the key ingredient of trust so that she can fully let go and how to make it so that she feels his love because he is present with his feelings and with her.

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I want you to have an incredible, loving, intimate connection, more energy, health and vitality through pleasure. I hope I can help you improve your journey and grow deeper in love.

Sending you my best. See you again soon!